buy soundcloud plays


It is very common that the average artist will think that just because they have a lot of plays on their songs that they will move up within SoundCloud’s rankings and that is not the case at all ! The old way would be the same as YouTube was and that was to gain one million plays within a short period of time but now what both networks do is look for an all rounded account that has a healthy amount of plays, likes, comments, downloads, re posts and followers. If you have a large amount of plays but no one is following you it will actually harm your account apposed to making it better.


The first thing you need to do is take your time. If you upload to many songs all at the same time then you will find yourself overworked and getting discouraged. You need to upload a song and promote it until it has a nice amount of plays, likes, comments, downloads and re-posts. The way to do that is by sharing your music across other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook but making sure you put either your song link or your SoundCloud user name link. Another smart way to build a song up would be to write a personal blog about you as an artist but then making sure that you leave your SoundCloud profile link at the bottom of the blog post.


SoundCloud will always check your account as an overall and not base it on one or two songs that are doing well so take that into consideration when building your music profile within this network. You will also want to make sure that if you buy SoundCloud likes or use a company to get SoundCloud followers that they are complying with this music sharing networks terms and conditions or you can run into trouble. One final thing to think about is SoundCloud’s new update that allows users to target a certain niche. This is going to gain you targeted SoundCloud followers as well as plays, likes, comments and downloads. They have to keep adding new features due to the large amount of traffic they are receiving on a day to day basis.