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Find out why Mixcloud streaming platform Mixcloudlive is a game changer for DJs and why artists are looking to buy Mixcloud plays and not just running to SoundCloud to buy SoundCloud plays. Mixcloud founded back in 2008 started as a audio streaming service for Radio shows DJ’s and podcast , over the years adding services and tools most notably Fan-to-Create this feature meant subscribers could contribute to licensing cost of the music that was played in shows by supporting their favorite artist .Now they are expanding even more by entering the live streaming world yes that’s right now you can live stream on Mixcloud with mix cloud live just as you would on YouTube live and Facebook live giving your viewers the chance to interact with you while your mixing it up.


Once your stream is up your viewers can engage and chat with you on the viewing page . You maybe thinking cool but what makes this any different to Facebook live , YouTube live , instagram or Twitch live streaming services ! Well the key difference with mix cloud live platform is mix clouds licence agreement with key labels , publishers and the performance rights organisations meaning its more suited to DJs and when you stream on their platform you will generate revenue like you would with a radio play ! But without take downs.


As of now not every label around the world is on board but they have signed deals with major players such as Merlin ,(WMG) Warner music group and even universal Music Group (UMG) .And with Merlin being the global digital rights agency for independent labels you will have a very large portion of the catalogue of published music. You maybe thinking how this will help you ? Well since a large part of the world is in lock down and the future of festivals not to mention clubbing is very uncertain many music lovers clubbers have been turning to live-streaming to feed their passion for music live-streaming is/has grown exponentially.


Now if you’ve tried live-streaming before and been frustrated with platforms such as Facebook live and instagram you will have realised you are plagued with copyright issues putting and even your streams taken down . Well not with mix cloud live on this platform will not incur copyright issues and the best bit is the artist DJ’s who’s music you play will get paid ! How good is that!


The best bit is Dj”s can also generate revenue yep that’s right using mix clouds select initiative buy allowing fans to subscribe for a monthly fee giving their followers acmes to offline listening uninterrupted without ads and even pre access of shows . Now you will want to know how to access all of these great features well now is the time to get involved since they are running a promo a 90 day free trial this includes scheduled uploads and a cool feature analytics after the free 90 day trial the pro service will cost £9 a month for this amazing service free of take downs and totally legal  streaming service that gives back to the artist who’s music you play and love a very reasonable price for such a great comprehensive service .