buy soundcloud plays


How Twitch teams with SoundCloud has has a huge effect on SoundClouds popularity and why artists are flocking to buy SoundCloud plays and to Twitch to buy Twitch channel views and what does it all mean ? SoundCloud is the largest and most important online music community especially in the current climate/pandemic and the vast majority of the world on lock down people are tuning into these platforms even more than ever ,thus making soundcloud and the artist/DJs that post their music and performances on more & more popular.


latest big news is SoundCloud is now working with livestreaming platform Twitch! Yes thats right Twitch. You might be thinking this was only for Videos Gamers ,well not anymore. Now Soundcloud and Twitch are collaborating together as a way to help musicians earn money during this Covid19 pandemic . So artist with a soundcloud account can quickly attain “affiliate” status on Twitch and monetise live-streamed performances letting artist run ads link to merchandise stores and music then receive donations directly from your fans .


To gain affiliate status you will need a soundcloud pro or premier or you repost from your soundcloud account for each blog post . The process to integrate your account with Twitch is fully explained by soundcloud but here is a simple explanation . First you will want to setup Twitch and fill out a online form this will mean you will be fast-tracked to affiliate status .


Make sure your computer has a web cam and a microphone to capture sounds of course ! you will need the right equipment . Twitch and souncloud collar will main marketers will have a variety of ways to participate in live streams by artist/performers by directly sponsoring artist or running ads on Twitch. They are predicting it will boost viewership by 14% or more to around 36 million this year and around 16% of US audiences watching digital video this is emarketers forecast. Make the most of soundclouds latest offer of 3 months Go+ for £0.99 not only will you get add free and offline listening to sound clouds entire catalog  you also get access to every DJ integration (native instruments Traktor and serato ) hurry this offer ends on June the 1st 2020 .