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You have come to the page looking for interesting facts about SoundCloud so let’s get into it. You may or may not know that SoundCloud started in Sweden but was established in Berlin by Alex Ljung who is a Swedish sound designer. SoundCloud started out with the intentions of allowing different types of musicians to share their music with each other but soon after they transformed the network into a publishing tool which allowed musicians to distribute their tracks and then make money from people downloading their uploads which is why people are now going to buy SoundCloud downloads.


SoundCloud blew up very fast and started to overtake the likes of Myspace by allowing people who were uploading their tracks to interact more with their listeners. This alone put MySpace in the back seat which is why in 2009 SoundCloud received just over 2.5 Million Euros for funding from Doughty Hanson Technology which played a very big part in SoundCloud being able to announce they had over one million subscribers. By June 2011 SoundCloud had over 5 million active users on their social network.


SoundCloud have come a very long way since 2007 and which thousands of new artists singing up everyday and sharing their tracks on other social media networks there is no wonder why they have dominated the social media market for uploading music and for artists such as Soldier boy to be scouted by record labels. If you are on SoundCloud or someone who visits this social media network then you should always look out for new features as SoundCloud have a habit of finding new ways for it’s users to benefit from their social network. You will want to know how to get followers on SoundCloud so that you can take advantage of such feature.They have also released an application for popular mobile operating system like IOS and Android.


A few years ago ( 2011 ) SoundCloud won the Schroders innovation award at the European tech tour awards which boosted the amount of users they receive and people who visit their network. They decided that uploading music and sharing it was not enough which is why they allow you as a user to follow other musicians, like their tracks and even favorite them so that they are easier to find if you want to listen to their tracks without searching around for them again. A very clever feature they have is that they allow you to leave a comment which enables you as an artist to see what other people think about you and for you to thank them for them listening to your track.