Don’t use Instagram live you maybe thinking why ..The reason being, Yes everyone is on instagram but think about it this way instagram is also on everyones phone and the moment someone gets a text, a tweet or a phone call, they’re off the stream. Most people who are at home tend to stick to desktop/smart TV compatible platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

You should promote the show and build some hype around the show to give your potential viewers an idea of exactly what you are going to be doing. Even if it’s just you and your piano or drum kit its good practice to tell your fans that ahead of time. “Just me and my piano tonight live at 9PM GMT.”Try and engage with your audience. There is a reason gamers make millions from live streams its because they engage and thank their viewers. This is not a live show where you should just get up there and play. If you are a DJ maybe do song requests and involve your audience keep them interested.Also be a bit creative and engage with the comments!Sticking to a schedule is good practice to. Just like your favourite shows and music, you remember they come out on specific days of the week.

Eventually people will get used to your presence and look forward to your stream! But don’t be disheartened and expect the whole world to tune into your first livestream…its about being consistent ,not just a dabble with live streaming go all in .