There is no doubt that SoundCloud is the most used network to upload and share your music. When you first create a track and have uploaded it to this music sharing network, your ultimate goal is to be noticed by a record label. We all know that being signed and noticed by a record label is like coming across gold dust however if you are using SoundCloud the right way and build yourself a brand then you will allow yourself more of a chance to be noticed. There are millions of people uploading new songs every single day so how do you as an unknown artist get noticed ? Well the first thing you need to be doing is treating your profile like a business. That means working on it daily and making it an obsession.

To make it in the music industry you need to ensure that you have a very large following base and have had a least one of your uploaded songs trend on SoundCloud. They do have scouts, people who scan and check songs on this network daily so when the time comes for them to land on your page you need to ensure that your profile is more than credible for them to have a look. How many times have you been to a profile, seen one or two song uploads with a few plays but then decided to go check another account ? The answer to most people is ” all the time ” and that is because they already get the feeling that they will be wasting their time, how much more if a record label was to pass by your account.

The music world is a very hard one to crack, we would never say it is easy, you need to be ruthless when uploading songs, you need to stand out and be different compared to the millions of other artists out there who uploading songs daily. The most important thing to remember is to build a fan base, people who are going to share your music on their other social networks.