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Today we look at some SoundCloud top tops ! So we decided to do some research into peoples accounts and see what makes each account stand out. We have noticed that the majority of the accounts that we had checked out were all filled with plays but not very many re posts, likes, comments and followers which is something that is worth writing about.


Any record label, promoter and or individual who is looking around for something different will no doubt check out the amount of plays you have on your tracks but the first thing they see when looking at your account is the amount of followers you have. If they see that you have a small amount of followers but you have a large number of plays it will make them question the quality of the tracks that you have uploaded.


When someone reposts one or more of your tracks it brings traffic and credibility to your profile. What we had concluded is that to many people are comparing SoundCloud to YouTube where as the first thing people look at is how many views a a video before they watch it.


You need to understand that both social networks are very different although they are both trying to receive artists and trend people.
You need to have a mix of re posts, likes, comments, plays, downloads and followers which you can do quickly when you buy SoundCloud plays or at least look at ways to get SoundCloud followers if you are going to have any kind of success and attract new listeners so make sure that when you are on your account you are taking note of what you have most of and what you can do to change it.