We are very proud of the speed in which we produce the service for our clients. You will receive a confirmation email to state that your order is completed but at the same time as soon as your order is placed it is sent for processing. We can also slow down the process if you would like that option please state in the notes section when you purchase the amount of days you want them to be spread across.


We have taken it into our own hands to charge very low prices for the fact that we are looking to build a long lasting relationship with our clients. We do understand that there are many companies out there charging high prices for low quality so we are capitalizing on that and providing you with the best of quality but at the lowest prices.


Boostplays provides our clients with around the clock customer support so that no matter when you are in the world you can always be assisted. We base our company around customer service which is why we have an online customer support team which will be there 364 days a year to assist you as Christmas day is the only day that our support team will not be here to answer questions but you can still order and email in, someone will come back to you right away.


We have set the money back guarantee in place to put the newer buyers minds at rest. People who have been using us for some time now are more than happy with our services which is why they are not only buying all the time but they are also recommending our company to friends and family. We will refund your money if your order is not completed within the time frame stated on our website.