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SoundCloud May Update and what it means to you as an artist who chooses to buy SoundCloud plays and other related services. Soundcloud debits new series for music creators ! Yes that’s right SoundCloud are launching a weekly show for artists, creatives and listeners to meet emerging acts, hear from some major names in music and connect directly with the SoundCloud team. Hers Is a list of this weeks shows starting with studio sessions on Wednesday, 5/6 2-3:30pm ET. This is a great way to get inspiration for your next show .


Why not check out Soulection with founder Joe Kay as he digs through the crates of SoundCloud for hidden gems then take a look at cloud bar on Thursday 5/7 2-3:30pm ET here you can Learn more about self-care, the music media landscape and the future of “live” events.Also check out Fresh Pressed on Monday, 5/11 2-5pm ET to hear the latest SoundCloud tracks and compare notes with other tastemakers.In essence, SoundCloud is the LinkedIn of the music world. It’s a specialized social network where professionals (and their fans) can meet, enjoy content and get access to releases or previews long before they hit the virtual record shelves.


What this means is that SoundCloud is an excellent place to find connections, team up with like-minded people and build your following by attracting influencers before moving onto iTunes , Spotify etc . This is why SoundCloud is such a great starting platform and so uniquely effective as a marketing tool for musicians. Don’t hesitate start building your presence while reaching out to music fans which you can do when you buy SoundCloud plays, likes, comments, reposts and downloads from credible social media providers that have proven results. If you enjoyed our content and would like to see more, share a like, comment and thoughts on our Facebook page.