buy soundcloud plays


With music being so popular and artists wanting to be known within the music industry there is no surprise why more and more artists are signing up as well as uploading their music to this network. Within this blog post we will be covering SoundCloud’s new updates as well as how they will help musicians gain more of a presence within the music industry by showing you where to buy SoundCloud plays. We will also go over why SoundCloud is important to be using if you are an artist who wants to have their music recognized.


SoundCloud has recently added support for Google Chrome-cast in the latest update to its iOS app, almost two years after support for the feature arrived on the Android version. This now means that SoundCloud users will be able to cast songs from SoundCloud GO+ to their TV and speakers. They have also added a new feature that shows album suggestions for adding to the currently streamed track list which has increased the number of artists wanting to buy SoundCloud plays to get ahead of other artists.


Although SoundCloud GO comes at a cost ( $ 4.99 ) a month it will include access to over 120 million tracks, offline listening and them annoying adds ! The offline listening costs $ 9.99 per month but gives you access to over one hundred and fifty million songs, excludes previews from the library. The non-playing listeners can still listen to the tracks with ads, but they will not be able to download songs. SoundCloud have also enabled shared playback, this means that multiple users can control what is playing. They have also upgraded both of the mobile apps and the receiver to provide a consistent and streamlined experience.