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If it is indie music and new, unknown artists, chances are it’ll be on SoundCloud. The Berlin-based company has long pioneered a music platform that doesn’t focus on the big, stadium-filling artists, but on the small, independent ones. An update to the app adds in Charts, letting users see what others are listening to on the service and what is popular at any given moment. While these were actually implemented in the previous version, they’ve just been added to the change log, indicating it’s possible they were rolling out on a server-side basis.


The charts are separated into two sections – Top 50 and New and Hot. They’re basically what the names say; Top 50 is what is being played most on SoundCloud right now (currently that title goes to Bad and Boujee, by Migos, with 78.9M streams) while New and hot is the best, most played new music (which is GET RIGHT WITCHA, also by Migos). These charts are then separated even further by genre, with 30 genres represented, and then another set of genres for “Audio”. Each genre has its own Top 50 and New and Hot subsections.


This is why a lot of artists are now going to a social media provider to buy SoundCloud plays, likes, comments, reposts, downloads and more, so they can have the upper hand over other artists and take advantage of this situation. This update brings two highly requested features to our app:

  • Charts: Discover the most popular tracks on SoundCloud in your collection tab.
  • Playlist and track duration are now displayed in your stream.
    The other new addition is a visual tweak, showing the playlist and track duration in your stream. Not a big change, then, but one some users may find useful.


What do you think about SoundCloud’s most recent update and how has this effected you as an artist ? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page as we would love to hear from you.