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Is Twitter joining SoundCloud ? What would it mean if these two social networks joined ? We would say that it would create a whole new playing field within the social media world. Almost everyone is talking about it and there has been many articles to state that this move will happen.


For artists that are involved with both social networks at the moment they already know and understand the power of what both can do. If SoundCloud were able to use Twitter’s functions such as tweet a link or upload images it will make SoundCloud a whole lot stronger and many people can see this happening so they are finding ways to get SoundCloud followers and market on Twitter at the same time. This also works the other way around. If Twitter were able to add music to there network in terms of allowing their users to upload tracks to their profile this will draw in many new users.


These two social networks are very powerful ones in which both have excellent but different qualities. The both combined could overtake the other social networks out there today. In a way they both have the same ideas with Twitter you can re tweet, with SoundCloud you can re post, with Twitter you can favorite and the same goes for SoundCloud, even the following aspects are the same but from what we see Twitter want to join SoundCloud not only because it is the largest and most used network to upload music to but because it will enable Twitter to allow their users to upload audio which is something they can not do at the moment.