With over 175 million monthly SoundCloud listeners, the network is consistently updating their platform, adding new features to help their users reach their target market and make their system even more easier to use. You can now go straight to the tracks that you have uploaded. It also means that you can get a great sense of someone’s taste by checking out their Playlists and Reposts.

One of the most requested features by creators and listeners alike is the ability to view someone’s Tracks, Playlists, and Reposts separately. SoundCloud’s new profile layout enables anyone to easily select between All Posts, or the Tracks, Playlists, and Re-posts posted to a profile. They have even cleaned up how user info is displayed on a users profile.

They have enabled the use to upload a header image to your profile. This is very important for first impressions considering how many people are not only checking out this network looking for new music but also for you to create your own brand name.

Being noticed on SoundCloud is very difficult, the easy way to be seen and heard is to treat your account like a business, upload songs on a regular basis, create a brand name through this new feature of being able to create a profile image that is instantly recognized. You can use social media service providers to help you boost up the amount of plays, likes, comments, re posts, downloads and or followers depending on where you are having a hard time pushing.